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BAE Ventures is dedicated to helping Corporations in the Travel & Tourism to unlock their innovation potential and drive growth by offering access to tailormade programs that foster innovation and strengthen relationships. We act as the “de-coder of innovation”.


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What we offer for companies


Access to Startups and Technologies: Connect Corporations with startups and cutting-edge technologies and solutions for industry innovation and operational enhancement.


Partner and Investment Identification: Help Corporations identify potential partners and investment opportunities within the sector, fostering growth and mutually beneficial collaborations.


Due Diligence, Negotiations, and Management: Manage comprehensive evaluation, negotiation, and ongoing support for investments and partnerships aligned with Corporation’s objectives.


Tailormade Innovation Programs: BAE Ventures offers 5 Corporate Programs pre-aligned with the level of innovation maturity of each company. These programs are presented to approach and develop strong relations with companies, giving them the opportunity to embrace innovation.

Innovation Maturity Level
Corporate Venture Capital
Corporate Venture Builder
Strategic Innovation
Discover Innovation
Approach Innovation

Questions & Answers

All industries and sectors that act in the Travel & Tourism value chain.

BAE Ventures invests globally. It has no specific territory. Our focus is on the value chain of Travel & Tourism

By choosing BAE, you gain access to the state of the art in innovation and technology. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to tap into the know-how and network that BAE possesses regarding the approach to innovation and its integration within the reality of the company.

A deep understanding of the Tourism and travel value chain, over 30 years of experience in innovation and investment processes, and an extensive global presence comprising a network of experts.

Through cross-functional programs, BAE Ventures fosters collaboration between portfolio Startups and Corporations, facilitating knowledge exchange, mentorship, and strategic partnerships.

BAE Ventures offers Innovation Programs that consider varying innovation maturity levels. Our approach gradually addresses innovation, allowing Companies to embark on a transformative journey at a suitable pace, unlocking its full potential.

It varies based on the program, its duration, and your company's decision.

Currently, we offer five levels of corporate engagement:

  • Approach Innovation;
  • Discover Innovation;
  • Strategic Innovation;
  • Corporate Venture Builder;
  • Corporate Venture Capital.

Please note that each program is customized to the specific needs of the company.

The timeframe varies based on the duration of each program. However, participants can begin applying insights and strategies within their organization from the outset of their involvement.

Being specialized in the sector and value chain, BAE Ventures brings more than just capital: Strategic Support, Networking, Industry Experience and Knowledge, Access to Events and Conferences, Access to Technical and Infrastructure Resources, and/or Access to Startups.

Our Innovation Corporate Programs stand out as fully dedicated and tailor-made initiatives meticulously crafted by experts in the Travel and Tourism industry. With profound insights, these programs are designed to align with the unique needs and goals of each specific company, ensuring meaningful and impactful outcomes.

Absolutely. Each of our programs is meticulously customized and adapted to cater to the specific needs and challenges of every company and individual case.

The process begins with Corporations reaching out to BAE Ventures. Following initial contact, we provide a range of approaches, including programs to identify needs and opportunities, gradual immersion in the innovation landscape, development and integration of applied innovation, and direct investment in innovation.

Confidentiality is fundamental to BAE Ventures. While we operate within an open innovation model, we strictly distinguish between industry-wide knowledge and specific case-related information, which our teams actively protect. BAE Ventures adheres to principles of Accountability, Transparency, Fairness, and Ethics.

Simply reach out to BAE Ventures, and we will initiate the process of getting acquainted with our Corporate innovation programs.(link to page)

Companies can stay informed through our newsletters, social media channels, and regular updates. If you'd like, you can also provide us with your contact information and specific preferences, allowing us to reach out to you with more tailored and relevant information.

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Be a Corporate Partner

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