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We are open to co-investing, especially with other Investors who may not have as deep of an understanding of the Travel & Tourism value chain.

Navigate to the "Startups" section on our website and fill out the form with the necessary details to showcase your startup.

The best way to stay informed is through our newsletters, social media channels, and regular updates. If you'd like, you can also provide us with your contact information and specific preferences, allowing us to reach out to you with more tailored and relevant information.

Business innovation relies on two key factors:

  • the maturity level of each company's innovation processes;
  • the resources allocated to this process. BAE Ventures offers tailored programs that gradually guide organizations through the journey of innovation.

We help companies navigate the paths of innovation by aligning strategies with their unique needs.

We invest in projects that impact the value chain of Travel & Tourism.

BAE Ventures invests globally. It has no specific territory. Our focus is on the value chain of Travel & Tourism.

BAE Ventures invests in the Seed, Angel, and Series A stages.

We invest across the entire value chain, encompassing both primary and secondary activities. To know more please contact us through our website.

Being specialized in the sector and its value chain, BAE Ventures brings more than just capital: Strategic Support, Networking, Industry Experience and Knowledge, Access to Events and Conferences, Access to Technical and Infrastructure Resources, and/or Access to Investors.

A deep understanding of the Tourism and travel value chain, over 30 years of experience in innovation and investment processes, and an extensive global presence comprising a network of experts.

At BAE, we are aware of the need to accompany the startup's investment in its growth process. In this regard, we make an estimate of investment that is suitable for the growth pace and monitor the process.

Through cross-functional programs, BAE Ventures fosters collaboration between portfolio Startups and Corporations, facilitating knowledge exchange, mentorship, and strategic partnerships.

With ease. Because the world of innovation is not only made up of successes and easy paths, we give support and guidance to Startups, bringing our experience and network of contacts to help them overcome challenges seamlessly.

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To connect with the BAE team, fellow entrepreneurs, and/or Investors, check our website for the event calendar featuring webinars, workshops, or conferences related to the startup and investment ecosystem.

With utmost seriousness. Intellectual property and confidentiality are ingrained in our DNA of over 30 years of activity in innovation and investment processes. We honour these principles in a very clear manner. We expect everyone who interacts with us to attribute the same importance to these matters as we do.