Our Approach

Our Approach

Together, we are transforming the future
of the Travel & Tourism industry


Unlocking Corporate Innovation

For Corporations, we facilitate access to groundbreaking Startups and cutting-edge technologies. By connecting Corporations with promising Startups, we foster innovation and enable them to stay ahead of industry trends.


Empowering Startups to Soar

For Startups, we provide valuable opportunities to showcase their ideas, access capital, and receive mentorship and support. We also bridge the gap for startups, enabling them to confront real-world challenges faced by companies in the market. We empower Startups to realize their full potential and navigate the complexities of the real business landscapes.


Unleashing Potential

For Investors, we offer a curated selection of investment opportunities in Startups and early-stage companies within the travel & tourism sector. Through our network and expertise, we help Companies and Individuals make informed investment decisions and foster the growth of promising ventures.

Corporations, Startups, and Investors

Powering innovation across the ecosystem

BAE Venture Capital acts as the main actor between three essential vertices of the innovation ecosystem: Corporations, Startups, and Investors. Through our strategic initiatives, we create a dynamic triangle that drives collaboration, innovation, and growth within the tourism & travel industry.

By connecting these three vertices BAE Ventures creates a thriving innovation ecosystem where ideas flourish, partnerships thrive, and breakthrough solutions emerge.

Corporations, Startups, and Investors