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Press | Knowledge | Peninsula Corporate Innovation | 01 Mar 2024

Barcelona Shines as Innovation Hub in 4YFN's 10th Anniversary Celebration

Technological hub
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Artificial Intelligence

This 2024, Barcelona proudly hosted the 10th anniversary of the 4YFN (4 Years From Now) event, a testament to the city's stature as Southern Europe's prime technological hub and a hotbed of entrepreneurial and innovative activities. The event, attracting over 93,000 attendees, underscored the dynamic nature of the local tech and business community.

The city, home to innovation giants like TravelPerk, Factorial, and Glovo, has been instrumental in reshaping entire industries. A robust ecosystem, fueled by founders' passion and strategic investments from global investors, has put Barcelona prominently on the global innovation map.

Foreign investment in the city, marked by the establishment of local offices for new investments and support for current portfolios, reflects the potential seen in Barcelona's ecosystem. Despite financial challenges such as the need for foreign investments in post-Series A rounds and the adaptation of traditional Spanish VCs, optimism for the city's innovative future remains high.

Barcelona takes pride in being part of this ongoing success story. The city is not only a magnet for global talent and capital but also boasts a mature innovation ecosystem enriched by deep cultural heritage and a collaborative atmosphere fostering creativity and idea exchange. Along with a strong business and technology infrastructure, these factors position Barcelona advantageously for further fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

Celebrating a Decade of 4YFN
Peninsula's team immersed themselves in the event, exploring trends and meeting key figures driving this revolution. This year, Artificial Intelligence (AI) solidified its role as a key driver of technological development, moving beyond a trend into a consolidated reality. However, Peninsula recognizes that innovation transcends AI application—it lies in solving complex problems, improving lives, and protecting our planet. Noteworthy startups highlighted this year include:

  • AllRead: Revolutionizing port management with Deep Learning technology.
  • BIA: Offering a platform for monitoring and controlling electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
  • Colibid: Specializing in mortgage credit management, connecting applicants with banks and brokers.
  • DG Takano: Prominent for its innovative water-saving products like the Bubble90 nozzle.
  • Ocean Ecostructures: Specializing in marine biodiversity revitalization and featuring a unique Bio Boosting System.
  • MOA foodtech: Transforming food waste into high-quality sustainable protein using biotech and AI.
  • NanoChronia: Offering advanced gas detection with cost-effective nanosensors.
  • Nixi for Children: Enhancing pediatric care through augmented reality.
  • Oniria Therapeutics: Addressing the challenge of persistent tumor cells in cancer treatment.
  • Pack2Earth: Leading the shift to sustainable packaging with compostable bio-based materials.
  • QBeast: Redefining big data management and storage solutions.
  • Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech: Innovating in quantum computing, recognized as 4YFN's best startup of 2024.
  • Remuner: Revolutionizing compensation management with AI-driven sales commission automation.
  • Recovo: Promoting sustainable fashion by facilitating textile reuse and connecting the fashion industry with textile suppliers.

These companies represent the forefront in addressing complex challenges and advancing towards a more connected, sustainable, and humane world. Their efforts inspire not only the imagination of what's possible but also active participation in building that future.

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