Artificial Inteligence, Google's AI,
News | Knowledge | Skift | 28 May 2024

Google’s AI Transforming the Travel Industry

Artificial Inteligence, Google's AI,

Google is significantly advancing the travel industry through its integration of generative AI, as highlighted during the company’s latest developer conference. These innovations span consumer products, airline retail, and hotel services, reflecting Google's commitment to enhancing travel experiences.

Google Products for Consumers
Google has introduced several AI-powered tools aimed at improving trip planning. In Google Maps, users can now access AI-generated summaries for electric vehicle charging stations and see key photos and reviews for restaurants and other locations. Additionally, a new feature on Android devices allows users to translate on-screen content without switching apps, enhancing convenience for travelers.

Sabre's Airline Retail Platform
Sabre, leveraging Google’s AI, has launched SabreMosaic, a new retail platform designed to modernize airline retail experiences. This platform aims to offer personalized services similar to those found on major e-commerce websites like Amazon. Key features include tools for real-time airfare offers, solutions to mitigate delays and cancellations, diverse payment options, and comprehensive market analytics. American Airlines, Virgin Australia, Air Serbia, and Oman Air are currently testing this platform, which could potentially add $40 billion to the industry by 2030.

Alaska Airlines' and IHG's AI-Powered Trip Planning
Alaska Airlines is developing an advanced trip planner utilizing Google’s AI, set to be released later this year. This tool will provide users with interactive maps and AI-generated descriptions of destinations, tailored to specific search queries. Similarly, IHG Hotels & Resorts plans to launch an AI-driven trip planning tool within its One Rewards mobile app. This feature will assist users during the "dreaming phase" of travel and eventually provide detailed information on local dining, pet policies, and event bookings.

These initiatives underscore Google's strategic move to integrate AI into various facets of travel, promising a future of more personalized and efficient travel planning.

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