Report | Knowledge | IBM | 29 May 2024

Leading Through Change: CEO Strategies in the Generative AI Era

Neutral networks, by Karinne Smith, an IBM Designer

As generative AI reshapes the business world, CEOs are at the forefront, navigating through both the potential and the pitfalls of this technological revolution. The IBM Institute for Business Value's latest CEO study, "6 Hard Truths CEOs Must Face: How to Leap Forward with Courage and Conviction," offers a comprehensive look at the strategies top executives are adopting.

The report highlights a shift in CEO attitudes towards increased risk-taking due to the significant productivity gains promised by AI advancements. More than two-thirds of surveyed CEOs believe that embracing these technologies is essential to maintain a competitive edge. Furthermore, the study reveals that 43% of CEOs plan to increase the pace of organizational change in 2024, focusing on agility and innovation to capitalize on AI-driven opportunities.

Key areas of focus include bridging skill gaps within teams, redefining business models, and enhancing data privacy and security measures. The report also underscores the importance of moving beyond traditional strategies to embrace a future defined by rapid technological change.

For a detailed exploration of how leaders are preparing for the challenges of generative AI and to gain insights from the IBM Institute for Business Value Global C-suite Series, visit the full article or download the comprehensive report.

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