Microsoft, ChatGPT, Amadeus, Travel, AI
Press | Knowledge | Skift | 02 Jun 2024

Microsoft Harnesses OpenAI's Generative AI for Travel Innovations

Microsoft Harnesses OpenAI's Generative AI for Travel Innovations
Microsoft, ChatGPT, Amadeus, Travel, AI

Microsoft Takes Travel Tech to New Heights with OpenAI

According to Justin Dawes' latest article on Skift, Microsoft, leveraging its substantial investment in OpenAI, is revolutionizing the travel industry through strategic partnerships and innovative AI applications. With billions invested and part ownership in OpenAI, Microsoft has early access to groundbreaking generative AI technology, notably used in ChatGPT. This technology is being integrated into travel solutions, notably through collaborations with industry leader Amadeus.

Amadeus and Microsoft: A Strategic Partnership

Since 2021, Microsoft and Amadeus have embarked on several projects powered by OpenAI's technology. One notable innovation is Nevio, an advanced system designed to transform airline sales into an experience akin to shopping on Amazon. This system, which simplifies the purchase of airline and related travel products, is already in use by Saudia, Finnair, and British Airways.

Another pioneering project is Cytric Easy, a corporate travel booking platform integrated with Microsoft Teams, enabling natural language trip bookings. This functionality, enhanced by Microsoft Copilot, allows seamless booking experiences directly within Teams. Additionally, Amadeus has implemented automated airline crew rescheduling and personalized website homepages, further enhancing operational efficiency and customer experience.

Marriott Bonvoy: Enhancing Vacation Rental Searches

Marriott Bonvoy has introduced an AI-driven tool to streamline vacation rental searches under its Homes & Villas brand. Utilizing Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI service, this tool allows users to search for properties using everyday language, enhancing the user experience. This innovation caters to the premium and luxury tier of rental homes, with over 100,000 listings available.

Air India: Leading the Way with AI Chatbots

Air India has pioneered the use of generative AI chatbots in the airline industry. The AI.g chatbot, developed using Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI service, supports users in multiple languages and handles a wide range of travel-related inquiries. This chatbot not only assists with bookings and flight status checks but also provides personalized travel suggestions and itinerary planning, demonstrating significant improvements in customer engagement and support efficiency.

The Future of AI in Travel

Microsoft's commitment to integrating AI in travel is evident through its continuous innovations and strategic collaborations. With advancements in AI models, like the recently released GPT-4o, the potential for enhancing travel experiences is vast. At the upcoming Skift Data+AI Summit, Microsoft's global director of travel, Shane O’Flaherty, will delve deeper into these advancements and their impact on the travel industry.

AI in Hospitality and travel Event

At the upcoming BAE Ventures event "Walk the Talk: AI in Hospitality and Travel" attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a two-hour masterclass with a Microsoft expert. This session will provide valuable insights into how businesses in hospitality and travel can effectively utilize Microsoft's cutting-edge AI technologies.

For more details on these developments and other AI applications in travel, visit the full article on Skift.

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