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News | Knowledge | BAE Ventures | 30 Apr 2024

Robert Phillips: A Pragmatic Visionary Blending Corporate Insight with Humor

Robert Phillips
Business Innovator
Travel and Tourism
Airport Experience
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Shaping the future

In the bustling corridors of global business, where the pressure mounts and the stakes are high, Robert Phillips stands out not just for his strategic mindset and entrepreneurial success, but also for his humor and constant positivity. Born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, of Spanish and Alabama descent, and now residing in São Paulo, Brazil, Robert has cultivated a multifaceted career that is as vibrant and diverse as his background.
Educated at Auburn University, where he earned both a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Space Power, Robert has navigated multiple sectors with agility and foresight. From space power in the United States to oil exploration in Kuwait, and later transitioning to the pharmaceutical industry with Bayer, his journey is wide and diverse. His academic achievement was further highlighted when he received a full merit scholarship from Thunderbird - School of Global Management, from which he graduated with a Master’s in International Management, later earning the Entrepreneur of the Year Award and serving on the Thunderbird Global Council.

Business Innovator with a Humorous Twist
Robert is the managing partner of Intelligent Leisure Solutions (ILS3), a business group providing innovative solutions that merge technology, tourism, and real estate in Brazil. Under his leadership, ILS3 has grown, achieving several accolades including the United Nations World Tourism Organization Ulysses Award for Innovation and multiple honors from the World Travel Awards. Recently, his role as an Advisory Board Member and Strategic Business Partner at BAE Ventures has significantly influenced the innovation landscape in the tourism and travel industry. What sets Robert apart in the competitive business landscape is his visionary approach to business, infectious humor, and pragmatic nature. Colleagues and clients alike are drawn to his ability to defuse tense situations with a well-timed joke, making the challenges of high-stakes business ventures a bit lighter for everyone involved.

A Balanced Life Fueled by Pragmatism and Mysticism
Robert Phillips embodies a lifestyle where pragmatism and mysticism converge, creating a unique blueprint for personal and professional success. He values efficiency, steering clear of unnecessary distractions while maintaining a balance that honours the harmony between mind, body and spirit. His commitment to personal health and well-being is as rigorous as his professional pursuits. As a yoga instructor and practitioner and an outdoor and travel enthusiast, Robert keeps grounded while reaching ambitious goals.
This blend of practical experience and spiritual depth not only enriches his character but also enhances his leadership, making him a source of inspiration and a respected figure among peers. Robert’s approach brings a lightness to the serious world of international business, integrating humor, strategic thinking, and a holistic perspective. As he leads his companies and drives initiatives with BAE Ventures, he demonstrates how embracing one’s entire self can boost well-being and lead to significant professional accomplishments. His life’s philosophy serves as a powerful model for leaders aiming to forge impactful, balanced careers in today’s fast-paced world. His goal in life is to impact others positively and help them create their own legacies.

Exploring the Future of Travel with Robert Phillips
Robert Phillips shares his vision for the future of travel and tourism, influenced by emerging technologies, and his role at BAE Ventures in fostering innovation in this evolving landscape.

⁠How do you see travel and tourism in 10yrs?
In the next decade, travel and tourism will undergo a significant shift, with mindfulness, health, and wellness becoming central themes. It won't be merely about seeking destinations offering yoga retreats and spa treatments; instead, it will be ingrained in the very essence of travel itself. Travelers will seek experiences that not only reflect their home practices but also provide opportunities to learn and explore new aspects of themselves and the world around them.
One major trend will also be the rise of remote work and travel, giving birth to a new phenomenon called "digital nomadism." More individuals will opt to work remotely while exploring different parts of the world. This lifestyle choice will redefine where and how people live and work. For instance, my aspiration is to live in a different city or country for 3 to 6 months, fully immersing myself in its daily life, customs, and cuisine, all while continuously expanding my knowledge and experiences.
In this future, travel won't be just about visiting landmarks or ticking off bucket list items; it will be a holistic journey towards well-being and personal enrichment. Whether it's practicing mindfulness in a serene natural setting, sampling local cuisines, or engaging in outdoor adventures that invigorate the body and soul, every aspect of travel will contribute to a sense of balance and fulfillment.

How do you see Travel and Tourism companies in this process?
Travel and tourism companies, ranging from established corporations to startups, are positioned to revolutionize the entire value chain process, aiming for greater efficiency and customer satisfaction. Here's how they will contribute to this transformation:

  1. Streamlined Planning Process: These companies will focus on improving the efficiency of the planning process, offering user-friendly platforms and mobile apps. These tools will make trip planning smoother and more enjoyable.
  2. Airport Experience: Innovation in airport technology will lead to a significant transformation of the airport experience, from streamlined check-in procedures to more efficient and timely security and border control processes.
  3. Airline Experience: My vision for the future of air travel, includes convertible horizontal/vertical seating solutions for long-haul flights, even in economy class.
  4. Lodging Solutions: Digital nomads longer home stay solutions for example.
  5. Efficient Transportation and Smart City Solutions: Companies will focus on reducing travel times and congestion in cities, making attractions more accessible and reducing crowds

In summary, travel and tourism companies will play a crucial role in shaping the future of travel by offering innovative more effortless solutions and efficient processes. These efforts will enhance the overall travel experience for customers, making travel more enjoyable with less lines.

I noticed your WhatsApp profile - "Earth, Space, Time, Knowledge, and Spiritual Navigator and Explorer - Always Yearning for Growth - Relentless Entrepreneur - Avid Networker." I found this intriguing. Could you tell me more about it?
Sure! I think this profile stems from a combination of influences in my life. My Bolivian mother instilled in me a love for travel and learning about new cultures, while my Alabama father's adventurous spirit pushed me to step outside my comfort zone. As a result, I've developed an insatiable curiosity. The more I learn and experience, the deeper I want to dig.
I also attribute part of this curiosity to my Spanish side of carpenters and entrepreneurs, and my interests on alternative medicine to my father who always had an herb for every ailment.
Life eventually led me to become an entrepreneur in the Travel and Tourism sector, but my passion extends beyond just business. I have a profound interest in spiritual and wellness growth, which I believe is crucial for personal development.
Additionally, I'm fortunate to have a wide circle of friends. I often joke that I have over 500 close friends, thanks to the various schools I've attended around the world. This diverse network enriches my life and joy de vivre.
My engineering background has also been invaluable. It allows me to approach problem-solving with a logical, physics-based mindset. However, I've always been driven by the challenge of setting up businesses and finding solutions to problems. I am always taking an online course on something.

In essence, it's this unique blend of experiences, influences, and skills that I believe enables me to bring value to BAE Ventures and all the stakeholders involved.

In his role at BAE Ventures, Robert Phillips contributes to shaping the future of travel and tourism through emerging technologies. His insights are informed by his vast experience in startups and businesses within the travel industry. Robert's strategic acumen, when combined with his pragmatic approach to innovation, positions him uniquely to guide startups and industry leaders toward new horizons. His leadership not only drives technological advancements but also fosters a culture of respect, understanding, and creativity.

As Robert continues to blend humor with business insight, his journey remains a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned executives alike, illuminating a path that is both enlightened and practical in the dynamic landscape of global business. He honestly seems to have fun and project positiveness constantly.

Stay tuned for more insights and stories from key figures in the innovation and tourism industry in our next edition.


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