Press | Knowledge | BBC | 22 May 2024

The World's Revolt Against “Bad Tourists”

people demonstrating in the street

As Ibiza and Mallorca clamp down on party tourists, a global shift in traveler expectations is becoming evident. Recent anti-tourist protests in the Canary Islands, Barcelona, and other European hotspots highlight a growing demand for respectful tourists who contribute positively to local economies and culture. Badly behaved tourists, often linked to binge drinking and disrespect for local traditions, are increasingly unwelcome.

Destinations are adopting various measures to manage tourism impacts. Venice charges daytrippers, Barcelona removed a bus route from Google Maps, and Bali implemented a tourism levy. The focus is on sustainable tourism that benefits locals. Experts suggest better tourism management, not just targeting wealthier visitors. Campaigns like Iceland’s pledge for responsible behavior and Palau’s children's-written pledge aim to educate tourists.

As the travel industry rebounds post-pandemic, a more thoughtful approach to tourism is emerging. Ensuring tourism benefits local communities and preserves destinations is crucial for a sustainable future.

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